Crêpe towards Satin

Do you know the Crêpe towards Satin ? Are you looking for such a pretty fabric on the back as on the front? A flexible fabric, both matt and satin? Our pancakes towards satin, with multiple colors, should please you!
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Do you know the Crêpe towards Satin ?

Are you looking for such a pretty fabric on the back as on the front? A flexible fabric, both matt and satin?

Our pancakes towards satin, with multiple colors, should please you!

All our fabrics, including our pancakes towards satin, come from ends of collections of fashion houses.

As an agents of Textile upcycling, we find them for you so that you can revalue them thanks to your couture know-how!

Whether you are a couturier/seamstress pro or amateur, if you like Quality fabrics And the references in limited quantity (so as not to wear the same clothes as everyone for example and have pretty unique pieces), we invite you to discover our collections!

We do not launch any fabric production: each reference on the site comes from a dormant stock.

We are thus keen to advocate a more committed sewing, more responsible and to prioritize quality on quantity.

If you want to know more about our values ​​and the concept of My little coupon, you can read this dedicated site section of the site.


What is the pancake towards satin?

Crêpe fabrics towards satin are fabrics that have 2 very characteristic sides:

-          A "place" side that is matt

-          A "towards" face which is brilliant and satin

You can use this fabric by putting the place out of the way, depending on whether you prefer to have a satin effect or a shiny effect.

These are fabrics flexible, Who crush very little and which are pleasant to wear.

It is a fabric of very nice quality : he is opaque, fließend.

His satin side gives him an appearance silky which gives it a lot of sweetness.

Depending on the reference, they can have different compositions: acetate, viscose, polyester, triacetate ...

These are synthetic fiber fabrics and/or artificial fibers.

The pancakes towards satin follow different grammages: we advise you to look at the indications of our product sheets.

What to sew in crêpe towards satin?

With our coupons of pancakes towards satin, you can sew elegant clothes.

Here are some sewing projects to be carried out in our pancakes:

-          Fluid dresses patterns: the satin side will bring elegance and shine to your outfit while the matt side will give it an equally elegant but more sober side.

-          Fluid skirt patterns, with a sublime fallen

-          Flexible and flexible sewing patterns

-          Fluid, timeless jackets

-          Accessory patterns: goose, scarves, headbands ...

-          Kimonos, nightettes and accessories Homewear patterns

And many other sewing ideas!

It is possible to double the pancake towards satin, but the fabric being opaque and as beautiful on the back as on the place, we advise you to opt for sewing projects which do not require a lining.

For example, you can use this fabric to make your patterns that require ruffles.

This will reveal the 2 faces of the fabric for a very beautiful rendering!

To fill up with couture inspiration with our coupons, you can consult our entire offer bosses creators available on our site.

On the blog, we also offer you several tips and couture tips to accompany you in the choices of your fabrics.

And on Our Instagram page, we share daily creations and ideas for the Couture community.

How to sew the pancake towards satin?

On its satin side, the fabric can be somewhat fleeing.

We recommend that you use weights to cut your fabric.

You can possibly cut your pieces on the flat fabric and not on the folded fabric to cut more just.

Use a fine needle, microtex type, so as not to damage the fabric.

(A standard needle may be enough but do not hesitate, beforehand, to make samples tests to the sewing machine on tissue falls).

Do not hesitate to surf your fabric if you have a overwhelming.

You can also opt for an English sewing finish, so that the hand -sewn garment is as beautiful on the place as on the back.

Do not hesitate to share with us your creations and your couture inspirations with our coupons on social networks.

To do this, use the #Mylittlecoupon and identify us!

We are always very happy to see what you have achieved in our coupons!

Besides, what face of our pancakes towards Satin will you use? The satin or the mate?

We can't wait to find out!

Good seam!