Saluuut, we come back for a great zero waste tutorial, what we can do with his falls  ! Today I show you how to make a reversible bob very cute step by step.

I put the boss's link just here ! This is a base that you can obviously modify, that it is exactly as you dreamed!

I advise you to measure your head turn to adjust if necessary.

Also note that depending on the thickness of the fabric you will need more or less ease for the head.


Add about 1.5cm of ease for normal tissue (like jeans, velvet, etc.) and add about 2cm for heavier tissues.


Material :

-or 50cm of fabrics if you make a bob with the same fabric on both sides or 2 fabrics around 25cm.

- scissors


-Son to sew

STEP 1 :
You need to cut 1 x part 1 into the two fabrics

2x part 2 in the 2 fabrics and 2x part 3 in the 2 fabrics.



Take the pieces cut in the room 2 and sew locations on the two rooms of the same fabrics on the ends 1cm from the edge. (see orange traits in the photo). Then do the same with the pieces cut in room 3.

Do not forget to open and crush the seams for a clearer rendering.


Step 3:








We will assemble the visor part and the upper part of the bob.

Sew the part 2  Fabrics1 in room 3 fabrics 1.

Pin the whole Tour Place against the place by placing the seams face to face well to have a beautiful fitting! Then sew 1cm from the edge.

Repeat the same operation with parts 2 and 3 of fabrics 2!

Do not forget to open and crush the seams for a clearer rendering.


Step 4:

We will now assemble the remaining pieces, so the bob circles.

You pin the piece Fabrics 1 in the Bob Fabrics 1 and the same for the fabrics 2, always a place against the place then sew 1cm from the edge.


Step 5:

The next step is to sew the two parts of the bob between it, place in place. So we are going to pin everything around by aligning the seams once again and leaving around 10cm open to be able to return the bob just after. Once pinned to sew 1cm from the edge.


Step 6:


After sewing, we're going to come and return the Bob with the opening we left.

Once the bob has been turned over, take care of the couture of the tower and place everything by hand to have a uniform tour.

Step 7:

We will now close the hole which was used to return the bob. We're going to enter the sewing cm inside and we're going to pin.

Once the hole is well pinned we will come to sew 4mm from the edge all over the Tour du Bob. (if you are more comfortable with the pinning of all around, do not hesitate!))

And here is your finished bob!

You can obviously change the topstitching as you wish! It's your bob in magnificent fabrics!

25 December, 2021

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