You need a velvet coupon To carry out your sewing project? That you want to corduroy, silk velvet, cotton velvet, of a Wool velvet Or other, for clothing as for furnishings: do you know the concept of our coupons? At
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You need a velvet coupon To carry out your sewing project?

That you want to corduroy, silk velvet, cotton velvet, of a Wool velvet Or other, for clothing as for furnishings: do you know the concept of our coupons?

At My Little Coupon, we do not launch fabric production: all the references on the site come from ends of collections of fashion houses.

We put on the market very beautiful fabrics from dormant stocks of large fashion houses.

Thus, together, we participate in a more committed and more responsible vision of sewing !

Thanks to your sewing know-how and your creativity, you revalue very beautiful fabrics that are waiting for you to find their second life!

If you want to know more about Textile upcycling, on our concept and our values, we invite you to go to this dedicated page.

What is velvet?

The so -called velvet fabrics are actually woven in velvet.

It is their armor (their weaving) that puts them in this category.

This is a very special weaving, by adding an additional wire (called "hair") in the chain and frame weaving.

In fact, velvet have the characteristic of being velvety on one side (the other side is generally smooth).

It exists Several types of velvet, different compositions:

-          The velvet failure (with the hair of the velvet flattened in a single direction)

-          Silk velvet (which can also be a polyester-SOIE / COTTON-SOIE / VISCOSE-SOIE mixture, etc.)

-          Cotton velvet, among which ray velvet or ribbed velvet

-          Velvet jerseys

-          Polyester velvet

-          Viscose velvet

-          Furnishing velvet (stiff, thick and various compositions)

The Swedes are sometimes stored in the velvet category because of velvety touch, but Sweden is not a velvet.

What to sew with velvet?

The different velvets allow you to imagine a multitude of sewing projects, whether they are sewing projects for furnishings, decoration, accessories or clothing.

Also, with a silk velvet, you can, for example, sew,

-          Winter blouses

-          Winter dresses

-          Winter skirts

It is a relatively warm fabric, which will bring flexibility and shine and your creations, mixing the properties of silk with those of velvet.

With woolen velvet, you can make coats, jackets and warm clothes, which will be both soft and double.

With cotton velvet, ribbed velvet, you can sew various clothes that have outfit, such as overalls, jackets, pants, straight skirts, sleeveless vests.

You can also opt for accessory patterns, such as patterns to make handbags, bananas, sports bags, travel, kits, vanity, backpacks ...

Depending on the velvet coupon chosen, it can also be adapted for decorative and furniture sewing projects, as for cushions or to cover, for example, chairs!

If you want to fill up with inspiration, we also have An offer of Creative patterns which will allow you to imagine Many patterns/fabrics associations !

You can also consult The Blog section from our site more than Couture advice.

Finally, we regularly share inspirations and sewing creations of the Couture community on social networks. Do not hesitate to consult our stories to fill up on ideas! Our instgaram here.


How to sew the velvet?

Velvet is a fairly delicate fabric to work (which is far from insurmountable, rest assured).

The first parameter to take into account, regardless of the type of composition of your velvet, is the direction of cut.

You have to cut all the parts of your boss in the same direction (following the right wire of course).

Because the brilliance game of velvet has a meaning and if you do not cut your pieces in the same direction, once the garment or the project sewn, it will be very clearly.

Then, be sure to respect the washing and ironing advice of your fabric.

The easiest velvet to sew at first are cotton velvet and ribbed velvet.

If you start sewing and you have trouble choosing your first fabric, we wrote A dedicated article on the subject : What fabrics to choose to start sewing? 7 Easy -to -sew fabric ideas accompanied by couture advice and inspirations to get started!

Finally, when you have finished your velvet creation, share it on social networks if you wish!

To do this, add the #Mylittlecoupon to your publication and identify us.

We will be delighted to discover how you transformed our coupons!

Good seam!