Cotton sail

You are looking for coupons cotton sail For your next Couture projects? We put on the fabric market from ends of collections and series of fashion houses to allow you to sew quality fabric coupons. Among our references and our
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You are looking for coupons cotton sail For your next Couture projects?

We put on the fabric market from ends of collections and series of fashion houses to allow you to sew quality fabric coupons.

Among our references and our different materials, we offer a selection of cotton sail Loans to be upcycled through your care !

These are fabrics already produced: we do not launch any overproduction.

Your mission: to make Textile upcycling By upgrading the cotton sails from the end of stocks of the big fashion houses that we find for you!

If you want to know more about the concept And the values ​​of My Little Coupon, we invite you to discover This section of our site.

What is the cotton veil?

Cotton is among the most classic materials of the Tissuthèque of any amateur or professional seamstress (the).

It is available according to several types of weaving, armor and weight: as Cotton Popeline , them cotton gabardines, the fabrics, the chambrayor even Cotton sails.

These are very fine and transparent fabrics, in chain and frame, and not stretchy.

If your cotton veil contains elastane, it may however be slightly expandable.

According to the desired sewing project, it will undoubtedly be necessary to accompany your cotton veil froma lining.

These fabric coupons are light and vaporous and are ideal for your sewing projects for spring and summer.

The type of weaving is in canvas armor; That is to say, it is woven according to the simplest structure, with 2 wires (that of chain & that of frame) which intersect to form the weaving.

The peculiarity of the cotton veil is that the intertwining of chain and frame wires is more loose than for a classic canvas.

The fabric is therefore ventilated, flexible, vaporous and transparent.

What to sew with a cotton veil?

Have you spotted one or more cotton sailing coupons?

Whether it is a embroidered cotton veil, with patterns, flowery, or united, you will have multiple possibilities in terms of sewing projects.

Here are some ideas for cotton veil creations:

-          Ample and vaporous clothing patterns

-          Bohemian and/or oversize -style dresses

-          Floor sleeve or Raglan sleeve shirts

-          Smocks or elasticated dresses

-          Long or mid-length skirts with ruffles and doubled.

-          Transparent panels: such as just sleeves, or just backs, or passes ...

-          Adjustment projects: curtains, window shells ...

-          Decoration sewing projects, such as chairs covers for weddings and ceremonies ...


The seam ideas are endless with this material!

It's up to you to imagine the best boss/fabric association according to your desires, your creative ideas and your tastes!

Play with the cotton veils with patterns, plain, colored or embroidered to decline your creations in several styles.

If you want to fill up with sewing inspirations, do not hesitate to consult Our sewing blog section or even Our selection of creative patternsor even Our Instagram page on which we share the ideas of the Couture community !


How to sew the cotton veil?

Cotton sails are fine, transparent and rather delicate fabrics.

It will therefore be necessary to sew them with caution and patience.

Use A fine sewing machine needle, if possible a microtex.

For pretty finishes and lasting seams, we recommend that you do not use overwhelmer to surfing the edges but rather to opt for a finish in English seams.

The English sewing consists in sewing your pieces against the right side, then turning them back and performing a second bite, this time against the place.

This allows you to have clean seams, hidden between two bites, and in fact very solid.

Due to the transparency of cotton veil fabrics, English seams are really ideal for this material.

You can also, if you want, for example, sewing flies on your cotton sewing project, use the overweight to achieve what are called Rolled hems.

There are many YouTube tutorials to accompany you in this technique if you do not know it.

If you do not have overwhelming, you can also make Holder hems.

Do not hesitate to take your time to sew your coupon and apply to each step: this guarantees a nice sewing project that we will appreciate carrying or offering!

As with most fabrics, we recommend that you wash well and iron your cotton veil before cutting it.

Many fabrics shrink at the first washing: it is therefore better to start your project sewing good bases with a clean fabric, ironed and good dimensions.

When you have finished your creation, share it on the networks using #Mylittle Coupon and identifying us.

We will be delighted to see how you gave new life to our coupons!

Good seam!