You are looking for a flax coupon For your sewing projects? To allow you to sewing, decoration or accessories Quality and sustainable, we have selected for you lins films from prestigious fashion houses. Did you know ? At My Little
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You are looking for a flax coupon For your sewing projects?

To allow you to sewing, decoration or accessories Quality and sustainable, we have selected for you lins films from prestigious fashion houses.

Did you know ? At My Little Coupon, we do not launch any fabric production!

All the fabrics offered through our selections of coupons come from ends of collections of fashion houses.

This allows you to upgrade beautiful materials thanks to your sewing know-how!

Discover here our lins of fashion houses!

If you want to know everything about Our concept textile upcycling, we invite you to read this section of our site. 

What is flax?

Linen is a natural material which is part, almost in the same way as cotton, of the classics of the tissuthèque of sewing enthusiasts.

Linen fiber is a Natural vegetable fiber : tissues composed of linen are more fabrics ecological that most other subjects.

Linen is for example more ecological than cotton because the plant requires much less water than cotton to push.

This is a Solid, resistant, durable, breathable fabric that allows you to create clothes and accessories managers.

The material is crisp but we particularly appreciate its irregular touch and its natural appearance which will make all your sewing projects absolutely timeless.

Among the textile lines, there are:

-          100% linen canvases (which are sometimes associated with ramie, just as natural)

-          Lins mixed with cotton

-          Lins-viscoses: which benefit both from the advantages of flax and the fluidity of viscose

-          Linen jerseys (quite rare but it exists! And it is often more ecological than cotton jerseys)

If the subject of eco-responsible fabrics are interested, do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject : Couture & eco-responsible fabrics: 6 detailed tips to practice slow couture.

What to sew with linen?

Linen is a resistant and pleasant fabric to wear.

Depending on the grammage and the composition, you will be able to create a multitude of projects with your flax coupon.

As a clothing fabric, you can, for example, sew:

-          Linen jackets, timeless and classic of the spring/summer season

-          Bosses of pants and linen combinations

-          Bosses of straight and half-souples dresses

-          Stands of straight and half-souples skirts


Linen is completely suitable for sewing projects for the whole family: that you want to do Sewing for women, man, child, baby : Everything is allowed with linen!

As a furniture fabric, you can, for example sewing:

-          Curtains

-          Table linen

-          Pillows

-          Bed linen

-          Accessories: kits, bags, pockets

If you want to fill up with sewing inspiration, do not hesitate to consult Creative patterns that we have selected for you on the site, as well as our Blog section .

We share the couture and achievements of the Couture community on a daily basis on Our Instagram page Link to mark out.


How to sew linen?

Linen is a material Quite easy to sew.

If you are a beginner or a beginner in sewing, it is completely accessible.

Besides, if you need advice to choose your first fabric, we invite you to read this article: What fabrics to choose to start sewing? 7 Easy -to -sew fabric ideas accompanied by couture advice and inspirations to get started!

If you choose A lin-viscosis On the other hand, your linen will be a little more difficult to handle, especially during the cut.

Do not hesitate to use weights and pin your fabric well.

As with most fabrics, it is always recommended to wash and iron your coupon before you get into your sewing project.

Indeed, many fabrics shrink at the first washing; In fact, it is better to always prepare your fabric (decay) in order to cut your pieces with the right dimensions.

Then make sewing seam samples to determine the right point length.

In terms of wire, you can choose polyester seam threads but when you sew natural materials, you can also opt for natural composition threads, such as cotton threads.

Lin can sometimes be transparent, especially for light colors. In this case, do not hesitate to provide a lining.

You can consult Our quality liners selections, ready to be upcycled just here.

Finally, when you have finished your coupette, do not hesitate to share it with us on the networks with the #Mylittlepon and by identifying us!

We love to see your creations with our coupons!

Good seam!