Do you want to sew the Chambray? You have a couture in mind project that requires a Chambray coupon ? Have you ever sewn it? Did you know ? Our fabric selections come from the ends of collections from large
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Do you want to sew the Chambray?

You have a couture in mind project that requires a Chambray coupon ?

Have you ever sewn it?

Did you know ? Our fabric selections come from the ends of collections from large fashion houses.

We only offer already existing fabrics and Do not launch any production.

As agents of thetextile upcycling, we give you the mission to revalue our subjects thanks to your couture know-how.

Discover our selection of high -quality Chambray fabrics and participate with us in this great adventure of the circular economy and more responsible seam!

To find out all about Our concept and on our values, you can read our dedicated section here.

What is Chambray?

Chambray visually resembles Jeans.

Most often in indigo blue colors, it is sometimes found declined in other colors, such as black chambray, chambray coral, or in shades of green or in the reds.

Most of the time, Chambray fabrics are mainly composed of cotton.

These are chain and frame fabrics, not expandable (unless your Chambray contains elastane; which is relatively rare).

Chambray's canvas is woven with 2 sons who successively intersect:

-          The white frame wire

-          The colorful chain wire (in indigo most often but other colors are possible)

This mixture of two wires of different colors explains the chined aspect Chambray fabrics that have different colored shades depending on the light with which we look at them.

These coupons are both pleasant to sew and wear and both sides (back and place fabric) are usable for your sewing projects.

What to sew in Chambray?

The cotton chambray is a bit like the "jeans" of summer.

It looks like visually jeans but it is finer, lighter, more suitable for hot seasons.

This is a very comfortable material that you will be able to decline in many sewing projects, whether they are clothing projects such as furnishings.

Here are some sewing ideas to make in Chambray:

-          Shirt patterns, in the style of western shirts for example

-          Bosses of Dresses Esprit Jean but lighter

-          Mid-Souple Pants patterns

-          Spring/summer jackets

-          Accessory patterns: bags, kits, pockets, which you can strengthen thanks to thermocollant notably.

-          Cushion patterns, baskets, decorative objects, curtains, poufs

-          Patchwork sewing projects (and in this case, we suggest you consult Our zero waste section !

The Chambray is a fabric that is ironing very well and that marks the folds: it will therefore be a perfect ally for sewing projects requiring passes (classic passes, Claudine passes, Peter Pan, Mao Cols, etc.) and those requiring folds, such as folds with folds or pliers pants.

There are multiple creative possibilities in our Chambray coupons.

It's up to you to play according to the style of clothes you like sewing and the sewing patterns that you particularly like!

Do not hesitate to fill up on:

-          Our section blog.

-          Our Selection of creative patterns.

-          Our Instagram page which relays the most beautiful ideas of the Couture community.


How to sew the Chambray?

If you start in sewing, the Chambray is a particularly suitable fabric!

It is flexible but has the outfit: it will therefore be very easy for the cutting steps, because it does not move.

However, it will be malleable during seam; This will allow you to sew volume parts (such as sleeve heads with armholes) by easily managing possible ambusions.

If you are a beginner or beginner in sewing, we recommend that you read This dedicated article Who lists all of our tips to help you choose your first fabric for your first sewing projects.

So you understood: our Chambray coupons are easy and pleasant fabrics to sew.

They are also easy and pleasant to wear.

Here are some recommendations to sew the cotton chambray:

-          As for most fabrics, Wash and iron your material before cutting it. Many fabrics shrink at the first washing; In fact, to go on a good basis, it is necessary to have previously washed your fabric.

-          Select the side that will be your place and the one that will be your reverse: the 2 faces of the Chambray are usable. There is always one clearer and the other darker. You can play with the 2 sides of your fabric for a two -tone and nuanced sewing project or choose to sew your garment in the dark color of the Chambray or even in its lightest color. But Be sure to cut all your parts in the same direction.

-          Always make samples to the sewing machine to determine the prettiest and most suitable point depending on your sewing project.

Do not hesitate to abuse topstitching if you want to give your Chambray coupon a very "jeans" aspect!

Finally, if you wish, share your creation with the #Mylittlepon and identifying us: we like to discover what you have sewn with our coupons!

Good seam!