A desire to match your darling at your last coupette?
Here is a simple and quick tutorial to use your falls and be connected to your hair!
To make this tutorial, you will not need a lot of equipment.

Equipment :

40 x 14 cm  fallingofFabrics (you can always change the width of the rectangle (14cm) depending on your desires, if you want it to be more or less wide).
. 26cm of elastic
. rule, scissors, sewing necessary


STEP 1 :

Cut a 40x70cm rectange

Cut a 40x14cm rectangle.



Fold the rectangle on board on the length of the length, then we will come to sew the entire length 1cm from the edge, leaving 5cm on each side to be able, later, turn the darling.


Step 3:

We crush the seams so that the darling is clear.


Step 4:


We return the tube.


Step 5:

We fold the tube on itself by putting the ends on board the ends.


Step 6:

We sew the two edges together at 1cm.


Step 7:

We return the darling.


Step 8:

Using a sight, we come to pass the elastic in the tube.


Step 9:

Once the two sides of the elastic sank, we come to make a knot.


Step 10:

Finally we come and seam where the darling is always open

We will fold inwards both sides and we will sew them together 1mm from the edge.



And here you are, you have made your best scrunch!

See you soon for a new tutorial !!


25 December, 2021

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