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You are looking for fabrics in cotton poplin To sew clothes and accessories? Discover our regular selections and limited quantity quality cotton poplins! At My Little Coupon, all of our coupons come from ends of collections of fashion houses. As
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You are looking for fabrics in cotton poplin To sew clothes and accessories?

Discover our regular selections and limited quantity quality cotton poplins!

At My Little Coupon, all of our coupons come from ends of collections of fashion houses.

As an agents of Textile upcycling, we offer very good quality fabrics, ready to be upcycled.

We find them for you in dormant and end of series of beautiful fashion houses.

You then revalue them with the help of your creativity and your talents of seamstresses and seamstresses!

Together, we train teamwork and enter the virtuous circle of the circular economy and responsible seam!

To find out more about both Our concept And on our values, we invite you to read this section of our site.


What is cotton poplin?

But, by the way, what is cotton poplin?

When we talk about poplin, we talk about a canvas armor fabric, chain & frame weaving (non -stretch).

To get a little more into the details, the poplin consists of a finer chain threads than the frame threads.

In fact, the chain and frame threads have different thicknesses and the chain wires are suddenly more centimeter compared to the frame threads.

This explains why the poplin fabrics are both soft, delicate and very slightly shiny.

There are several types of poplins such as viscose poplin (and you can consult the set of Our viscoses in this dedicated sectionor even polyester, or even wool, silk ...

But the most widespread poplin is the cotton poplin.

The structure of the poplin gives many qualities in cotton: it makes it less frovable, softer, and finer.


What to sew with cotton poplin?

This material is particularly recommended for sewing projects for babies and children because cotton poplin prevents the risk of allergy or skin irritation.

It is a very comfortable and pleasant material to wear, soft for the skin and slightly crisp.

In fact, it will be perfect for many sewing projects.

The cotton poplin is among the basics of the tissuthèque of any amateur or professional seamstress.

Especially since it is particularly easy to sew, which makes the choice of predilection of many beginners and Sewing beginners.

Here are some couture project ideas to be carried out in our cotton poplin selections:

-          Popeline shirt and blouse patterns: this is the basis!

-          Patterns of dresses and skirts that require a medium holding fabric, that is to say neither too flexible nor having too many outfits

-          Sewing patterns that need to mark iron folds: cotton poplin is a fabric that goes very well and that marks the iron folds very well. If your sewing project has many folds: this is the ideal material!

-          Patterns of light and half-souples pants; Perfect for spring/summer seasons

-          Light jackets to double for the least cold seasons

-          Clothing patterns for children and for babies

-          Accessory patterns for children and babies, such as sleeping bags and comforters for example

-          Accessories patterns: kits, pockets, handbags, pouches, pepillons knots, headbands, fabric jewelry ...

-          Plots: cotton poplin being a rather soft fabric, it will be very pleasant for clothing liners for example. But you can also consult our Lining selections quality in this dedicated section.

-          Puffer and bulky sleeve patterns: depending on the desired effect, for maximum volume, opt for cotton poplin.

In short, You can almost sew with cotton poplin !

It's up to you to compose among our selections of cotton poplins with patterns, striped, or even united!

If you want to fill up with sewing inspirations, do not hesitate to consult our blog or our Selection of bosses  or even Our Instagram page On which we share the inspirations and the couples of the Couture community.


How to sew cotton poplin?

As mentioned above, cotton poplin is A very good choice when you start sewing.

Besides, if you are a beginner or beginner in sewing, we wrote an article Detailed to help you make your first fabric choices. You can find it in our blog, here

To sew poplin, do not hesitate to use sewing machine needles so as not to damage weaving on contact with the needle on the fabric.

You can, if you wish, use a fine and microTex needle.

Do not hesitate to do bite tests on samples/fabric falls before you start.

For more pretty finishes, you can make your assemblies in English sewing.

Finally, don't forget to wash and iron your fabric before cutting it.

Most fabrics shrink at the first washing: it is better to start your project on a good basis.

Share us your Cotton Popeline creations on social networks using #Mylittle Coupon and identifying us!

This will give new ideas to the Couture community that likes to exchange great couture inspirations!

And then, we like to see you give back to our coupons!

Good seam!