Flax is a natural fabric much appreciated for its beauty, resistance and durability. However, its slightly rough texture and its tendency to offset easily can make challenges when it comes to sewing it. In this article, we will give you advice and tips for sewing the linen fabric successfully.

Preparation of linen fabric before sewing

Before you start sewing linen fabric, it's important to prepare it correctly. Lin can shrink when washed, so it is important to do it before starting to sew. Washing can also soften the fabric And make the seam easier. If the fabric tends to crash, Surfile the edges with an overwhelming or one Point Zigzag Serre. Then iron the fabric to remove the folds. Make sure your iron is not not too hot, because it could endomigate flax fibers. Use sharp scissors to cut the linen. Linen is a dense and resistant fabric, so blunt scissors can make the cut more difficult.

Use of the right needle

Flax is a fairly thick fabric and therefore requires a solid and thick needle. If you work with a very thick fabric, you can even use a jeans needle to Guarantee a solid and lasting seam.

Quality wire

It is important to use A quality thread To sew linen fabric. A thread too fine risk of easily breaking and a thick thread risk of being visible And to spoil the aesthetics of your project. Polyester or nylon is often recommended for linen because it is solide and resistant. You can also use wire Baumwolle if you prefer A more ecological option.

Appropriate sewing points

The sewing points you use depend on the project you carry out. However, it is important to use a point that is suitable for linen fabric. Dots Rights and zigzag are often used for linen because they are solid and resistant. For hems, you can use An Invisibl pointe or a rolled hem for a Clean and professional finish.


Wire voltage adjustment

The wire voltage adjustment is crucial When sewing the linen fabric. Too low or too high tension can cause irregular sewing points or broken wires. Adjust the tension of your sewing machine in function of the thickness of the fabric and the quality of the wire you use. Also avoid pull or tender The fabric while you sew it. This can cause distortions or unwanted gathers in the fabric.

24 April, 2023

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