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Find here all our fabrics from the end of series of haute couture houses at less than € 29 the 3 -meter free delivery coupon in mainland France. You are looking good quality fabric coupons ? Do you know the concept of
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Find here all our fabrics from the end of series of haute couture houses at less than € 29 the 3 -meter free delivery coupon in mainland France.

You are looking good quality fabric coupons ?

Do you know the concept of My Little Coupon?

All of our fabrics come from the end of series and collections of fashion house.

We select high -end materials for you to allow you to revalue them thanks to your sewing talents.

Whether you are an amateur or professional sewing, if you like beautiful materials, you will love our fabric selections.

We are agents of Textile upcycling And put back on the market for fabric coupons without any overproduction.

Together we train a beautiful team! We find, you revalue and We participate together in this virtuous circle of the circular economy and the more responsible seam.

If you want to know more about our coupons and the concept of My Little Coupon, we invite you to consult Our dedicated section.


What fabric coupons will you find at My Little Coupon?

Among our selections, you will be able to choose to many subjects with multiple compositions.

These fabrics being from fashion houses, they will always be quality and durable fabrics.

If you are looking for fabrics that are not found anywhere else or less widespread compositions, you will undoubtedly find your happiness in our offer.

Here is a non -exhaustive list of the types of fabric coupons that we offer:

-          Choice in cotonnades : either it's about Cotton Popelines, cotton canvases, cotton vessel, or even chambray, you will find something to sew beautiful shirts, blouses, tops and tunics and children's clothes for example.

-          Sharp selections of Workshop denim : to make your jeans, male/feminine clothes and accessories ...

-          Of the gabardines and armor canvases with sewing your trenches, pants and sewing projects requiring the outfit.

-          Of the bristle : Whether it's 100% silk materials or mixed bristles, we regularly offer selections of beautiful bristles to make your clothes or scarves and accessories in very good quality canvases.

-          Fabrics in knit: To make your t-shirts, your sweatshirts or your vests, we select cotton jerseys, viscose jerseys, sweatshirts or warmer meshes for you to allow you to sew comfortable, stretch and high quality clothes .

-          A beautiful selection of coupons of viscoses United and patternedTo allow you to sew flexible, fluid, vaporous, trends, such as summer dresses and skirts for example.

-          Coupons of woolbar, Cabans and woolen sheets top of the line So that you make warm coats and jackets at the different grammages.

-          Coupons of the most beautiful liners Seam housesIn order to perfect the finishes of your clothes sewn hand.


And many other coupons, such as organza or muslin: materials to revalue your scissors and sewing machines!

Among our selections, you will find coupons of united or patterned fabrics.

Whether you love flowering, striped patterns or satin, textured, smooth, matt materials, do not hesitate to regularly consult our offers and our new features.


 ToAbout our fabric coupons

We most often offer 3 meters of fabrics coupons.

The lawyer, on the other hand, will depend on each fabric.

This leaves you far enough to sew beautiful sewing projects.

Sometimes, depending on our quantities, we offer smaller coupons in order to enter into an approach Zero waste.

When you buy two coupons from the same reference, we send them from one piece: our coupons are not cut in advance.

To allow you to best use your fabric coupon, whatever the material chosen, do not hesitate to consult our article that lists 24 ideas for sewing patterns with 3 meters of fabrics.

If you want to fill up with sewing inspiration, you can consult Our Blog section or opt for sewing patterns our selection or even consult Our Instagram page On which we share the couture ideas of our community daily as well as our new coupons.


Thanks to our coupons, imagine clothing sewing projects but alsoaccessories, of decoration orfurnishings, with, for example, our jacquards selections, tongue armor canvases, gabardines, denims ...

Do not hesitate to share your creations on social networks by putting the #Mylittle Coupon and by identifying us!

This allows you to exchange great couture ideas between members of the Addict Couture Community!

And then, we like to discover your achievements so much from our coupons!

Good seam!