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Are you looking for a loving woolen coupon for your sewing project? You sew your own Winter coats and clothes ? Do you know our woolen offer? At My Little Coupon, we do not launch any fabric production: all the
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Are you looking for a loving woolen coupon for your sewing project?

You sew your own Winter coats and clothes ?

Do you know our woolen offer?

At My Little Coupon, we do not launch any fabric production: all the fabrics referenced on our site, whether it be woolens or other materials, come from ends of collections of fashion houses.

Thus, we are agents of thetextile upcycling : We put back on the fabric market from dormant stocks so that you can revalue them in your workshops.

These fabrics are of good quality and we always take great pleasure in discovering your creations in our selections.

Together, we vehica the message of a more committed sewing and a circular economy more virtuous.

If you want to know more about Our concept And on our values, you can read this dedicated section of the site.

What is the loving woolen?

The looping woolen owes its name to Its textured surface Which makes small textile fiber loops: loops.

It is a warm, soft, soft fabric and very pleasant to wear in winter: it is very " cocooning ».

Most often, loop fabrics are synthetic woolles.

Generally, they are not composed of wool but of materials such as polyester. (But there are also composed of wool or cotton: we invite you to read each product sheet of each reference)

However, they are quality fabrics, robust and durable.

Unlike more classic woolens, which you can find in a dedicated section of our site, these fabrics do not necessarily require lining or hems.

Most of the time, a clear cut is enough: they do not get down.

What to sew in a buckle woolen?

The curls are particularly suitable for Winter and clothing sewing projects hot.

Here are some sewing projects to be carried out in our curls:

-          Coat patterns

-          Jacket patterns

-          Capes and ponchos patterns

-          Accessory patterns: Vanessa Bruno inspiration handbags for example

-          Adjustment projects: cushions, textile decoration ...

-          Head accessory patterns, such as berets, hot caps

And many other sewing ideas!

You always surprise us with your inventiveness and creativity when you transform our materials!

In order to fill up with couture inspiration, you can consult our entire offer of sewing patterns Available on the site.

We also give you several couture ideas and inspirations to be carried out in our woolles in This article From our blog section: Wools & woolen sheets: 23 ideas for coats and capes.

Finally, we share daily inspirations and ideas of the Instagram community on our page.

Do not hesitate to watch our stories because we also highlight several references so that you can better see the fall and the color of some of our fabrics!

How to sew a buckle linen?

Have you spotted one of our curls?

Have you ever sewn it?

Sewing a buckle woolen is rather easy.

Just take into account some parameters:

-          Cut all the pieces of your pattern in the same direction (the curls are a meaning and when the parts are juxtaposed, it shows)

-          Use a good pair of scissors for a clear cut (this can prevent you from making hems, depending on the sewing project you have in class)

-          Avoid iron (you can hammer your seams to open them for example or use a specific tool)

-          Always do samples testing with a sewing machine on your fabric falls in order to adjust the point: opt for a large point, about 3 and if you have a teflon foot or a double drive foot, this can help you to manage any thicknesses.

-          Boucles woolens do not require surfing: do not panic so if you do not have a overwhelming!

-          You can gather your seams for a clean and neat interior!

Finally, when you have finished sewing your project in Boucles woolen, you can, if you wish, share it on social networks.

To do this, post your photo or video with the #Mylittlecoupon and identify us.

We will be delighted to discover what you have created in our curls!

Good seam!