Gabardine is a fabricSolid with tight weaving, on the basis of a chilled armor recognizable by the diagonals visible on the place.

Today you can find many compositions of cottons putting natural mixed or completely synthetic. Attention ! At My Little Coupon we like to recall it synthetic is not necessarily synonymous with poor quality, quite the contrary! Some polyester are much better qualities than certain bristles for example.

It is a rather heavy, dense fabric, a beautiful fall and the firm outfit in Rigid depending on its weight. It crumps little and offers a slightly water repellent effect.

ThegabardineSpanishGabardinaSignificant leotaucorps is a fabricofcottonshaped and very tight armor, relativelyraincoatair and water.

Today many rain coats are made of gabardine calledburberriesin England andgabardinein France.

This is Thomas Burberry Who created him in 1880 following a meeting with a shepherd from his native Brockham village in the Surrey 🇬🇧 (United Kingdom). The latter's jacket had become waterproof by the product he used when swimming of sheep 🐑 Thomas Burberry filed the patent in 1888 and had the exclusive manufacturing until 1917

So, are you going to come out the anecdote?

 The great advantages of Gabardine

  • Gabardine's density offers him a water -repellent effect. If the wires are treated, it can be waterproof. It naturally resumes are smooth aspect and is not very crossed.

  • PEU FRUISABLE, it naturally resumes its smooth appearance. His density gives him an elegant fall in volume and the outfit.

  • Gabardine is aComfortable & resistant fabric. Same waterproof it lets transpiration evacuate.

  • She isEasy to sewand to manipulate. Uncompromising, it allows beautiful stitching, ideal for the folded seams of the jackets and coats.

How to maintain gabardine?

Gabardine maintenance depends on the composition. We recommend washing up to 40 ° C with a delicate program. If it is a woolen gabardine we suggest to you to avoid deformations to give it to the pressing.


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25 December, 2021

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