Second confinement, an opportunity?

Confinement is also an opportunity to develop artistic sensibilities and increase attention to detail because it is calmer, far from the frantic rush towards a goal that is always a little vague.

Whatever motivates us on a daily basis, the world today gives us the opportunity to refocus on what could then no longer make us survive but make us vibrate in this new deconfinement.

Passion is expressing what represents us deep within us and obviously our Stylist Modelist Elsa has found what drives it ime

In #mylittlecoupon above all, we want to make our contribution to current ecological issues through#upcycling and the #zerodechet

Every day we tend to meet the demand for a quality product and this modern urge to consume #responsible.

#mylittlecoupon it is ZERO PRODUCTION, only the passion (see obsession) for finding, for bargain hunting at the forgotten end of the series.

The surplus production stocks are tens of thousands of meters right now in French warehouses. Forgotten, unused, quality materials whose production has cost (enormously) the environment. In a country of educated and intelligent people like ours, is it even intelligible to think of continuing to launch productions to meet consumer consumption?

Becoming this upcycling agent, that's what lives in us every day 💪 

By Elie Sarfati, founder of My Little Coupon

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